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Stand Up Comics

Everyone likes to laugh but it's vital to book the right style of comedy for the audience.

Some like the good old joke & story telling favourites but others prefer the more modern observational style.

How about combining magic or ventriloquism or impressions or pure slapstick visual gags with great comedy patter for something a little different.

Tell us about your audience & we'll recommend the act.




Vocal & Other Acts


Vocal acts have become popular again since the X Factor Shows on TV.

They can range from solo vocal entertainer to full production show & can work self contained with backing tracks, with their own live band or using in-house musicians.

Musical style can range from swing to pop to rock & everything in between. Some vocalists even have several diferent acts, each specialising in a style or theme of music or an era.

Tell us your preference so that we can match best act to your function.