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During a reception or in a lounge bar or restaurant setting it helps to set the mood for the evening with some unobtrusive background music.

There are various styles or themes of music & types of instrument which are most popular but it is really down to personal preference or the theme of the event.

The number of performers would be determined by the size of venue & budget available


Mix & Mingle

Mix & Mingle

Many different types of act fall into this category, some static & some moving amongst the guests.

There are costumed characters or circus style entertainers, lookalikes, magicians, balloonologist, caricaturists,
origami & sihouette cutters, tarot/crystal ball readers, henna artists......the list is almost endless

This could be during the reception or the meal, at a shopping centre, at an exhibition,
in fact anywhere where people want to be entertained or you want to draw people to.


Funfair & Team Building

Funfair & Team Building

Some events call for entertainment on a larger scale. We are able to supply all the major fun fair rides such as dodgems, big wheel, waltzers etc plus side shows and prizes.
Our opperators are all fully insured & the equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

We can also supply large scale inflatables, bar fly, human football, bunjy run, gladiator joust, sumo suits,
Its a Knock Out, Teambuilding Treasure Hunt, Airzone, Giant garden Games and the like complete with staff.

If its more the Scalextrex, Casino, Video Horse, Dog or Pig Racing,  Arcade games or Simulators that take your fancy - look no further.
We are able to supply all the good old favourites plus whats new on the scene.